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recommend a book

❧ I will read... practically anything.
❧ ...Actually, practically anything I can find in the international section of bookstores here, lately I can't stand English to Italian books, I'd rather read the original.
❧ Alternatively I can just cave and spend a fortune on Amazon. OR CLIMB IN YOUR WINDOWS AND STEAL YOUR BOOKS hide yo' books hide yo' wives.
❧ As an example of book I like, I've just started reading Christopher Moore's Fool and I find it brilliant.
❧ And as an example of book I dislike, I finished reading The Solitude of Prime Numbers a few days ago and thoroughly loathed it. Will go into detail about this in the comments if anyone knows it and is interested, haha.
❧ GO CRAZY? I really really need new books to read ♥ /puppyeyes f-list
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